Top 10 search engines in Africa

As you may know, Google suddenly banned the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei from using their Android operating system and other services. A lot of people have started asking if there are any alternatives for popular Google services like Google Search, Google Mail, Google Ads, Google Maps and YouTube.

Maybe one day in his quest to put “america first” Donald Trump or a future US president could tell Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to block an entire country from using American services so it’s important for the world and especially African countries to start developing their own high quality internet services.

In this article we’ll explore the Top 10 African search engines. Most of them are not very good so there is a lot of room for African entrepreneurs to build great services so we can reduce and one day eliminate our dependence on American technology services in the way Russia and China are doing.

10. is powered by Google custom search so it should not really be on this list but it’s hosted on a Namibian domain name.

9. Funnel
Funnel is powered by Google custom search so it should not really be on this list but it’s hosted on a South African domain name.

8. Naijoo
Naijoo was created in Nigeria. It seems to be powered by Google custom search but at least they have used some fancy javascript to hide the fact that it is not a real African search engine.

7. Pnet
Pnet is a vertical search engine which helps people to find jobs in South Africa. It’s not really the type of search engine which can complete with Google but since unemployment is so high we decided to put it on the list.

6. Brabys
Brabys is not really a search engine. It’s more of a business directory but can be useful if you’re looking for businesses in South Africa.

5. VConnect
VConnect helps people in Nigeria and Ghana to look for business services.

4. Finelib
Finelib is a Nigerian business directory and search engine.

3. Ananzi
In the early 2000s Ananzi was Africa’s biggest search engine. It is now more of a business directory and email service provider.

2. Ovuwa
Ovuwa is a South African built search engine. In addition to providing internet search results Ovuwa also offers domain registration, website hosting and online advertising services. They have also built an integrated dashboard which helps customers to manage all their services.

1. Web9
Web9 is the most advanced African search engine. It is the only search engine in Africa which has built a robust and scalable system to crawl, index and rank millions of website pages so search results are always improving. In addition to website search results, Web9 also has latest news, an English dictionary, currency converter, full King James Bible, image search, product search and a self service advertising platform similar to Google Ads but more affordable. If Google is ever shut down in Africa or becomes too greedy and expensive to advertise on then Web9 is the place to go.

Now you know the top 10 African search engines. Happy searching!