How to create an advert on Web9

Advertising on Web9 is simple. You’ll get the best experience if you’re using a new version of Google Chrome but Web9 will work well on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and all new desktop and mobile browsers. There is also a Web9 App for Android which is good when you want to be mobile.

In this tutorial we’ll use Chrome 59.0 let’s start by opening

Click the Login button or the Advertising link

If you have an account please login otherwise click Create New Account

Enter your first name, last name and email address then click Register + Login

Welcome to Web9! Click the Create New Advert button

Enter a title for your advert then click Continue

Click the Advert Picture button

Select a picture then click the Open button

After a few seconds your picture will be uploaded and displayed in the preview.

If your picture does not display correctly please click here for more information.

Enter advert information and website address. Your complete advert will look something like the following image.

When you’re happy click any of the test links

Click on the advert picture and website address to make sure they are opening your website

When you’re ready click the Activate advert link

There are 4 ways to activate your adverts on Web9 – Voucher, Bank Card, PayPal and Bank Deposit

Enter your voucher number then click Activate

If you don’t have an advertising voucher you can get one here

Congratulations! You have created an advert on Web9

Click the link to see your advert

Remember, you can make changes on your advert at any time. You can also check the number of times which your advert has been viewed and clicked by logging in to your account.

If you have any questions please click the Help link in the top menu.

Thank you for advertising on Web9.